Inti Digital

Online marketing for growing brands

We combine design, development and digital marketing to create unique experiences that convert your click into customers/leads.


Inti Digital goes beyond digital marketing focusing on the full customer journey.

We turn your data into valuable insights for understanding your target audience, developing the right strategy and choosing the right channels to reach them.

Based on your insights and goals, we implement your actionable plan with our hand-on approach. Your daily, weekly & monthly conversions are our primary focus.

With on-going reviews on analytics and digital channel performance, we will improve the experience of your customers and optimize your digital campaigns.

Favorite Work

  • Triodos IM

  • Selvatore

  • Comparabien

Inti Digital Services

From on-page to off-page SEO, our holistic approach to Search Engine Optimization focuses on providing smarter content and improving user experience through technical excellence.

We ensure that your content not only informs and inspires, but sells too. If you want return on your investment, you need a well-thought content marketing calendar based on what works for your business, your industry and your customers.

Need help with your Google or Social Media ads? With an increase in ad blockers, rising CPCs, and growing consumer skepticism of ads, we believe that a strong focus on quality content & creative is the key to driving positive results.

User Experience Quickly and easily take steps to improve website performance, content marketing, social media interaction and email click-through rates. A proper UX (user experience) will increase conversations and make your online experience more friendly and engaging overall.

Design and user experience combined with a clever conversion strategies to achieve optimal results from marketing campaigns and website. Whether it concerns the first concepts for your new website or the creation of (online) marketing materials, our vision always focuses on realizing conversion.

Collecting, interpreting and translating data into useful insights is really important for your organization. However, data is only relevant if you understand what it means. We can help you to define your KPI's and create dashboards

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Nathaly Bustamante

Senior digital strategist


My name is Nathaly and the founder of Inti Digital.

I have helped companies in all stages of growth to find their voice in the digital domain, from big brands to small brands with big dreams.

After ten years of experience leading digital marketing strategies in Europe and Latin America, I have started Inti Digital with a mission to offer senior-level digital marketing at an affordable price for small and medium-sized companies.

My proven-approach consists in asking the right questions in a one-on-one consulting meeting to quickly identify and advance your organizational goals.

Schedule a meeting with me for an assessment of your current digital strategy, and let’s see how we can work best together to help you grow.

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