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The monthly plan covers multiple areas of digital marketing for a fixed price

Hiring an internal marketing person is expensive. Most small-medium size businesses can only afford a junior level digital marketer who needs to be trained and managed.

When you choose Inti Digital, you get a senior level digital strategist and a team of specialists for the same price.

Are you a startup or scale up? We have a package for you (From 750 euros per month)


Do you need an extra hand to finish your digital marketing project?

Support and know-how to complete your marketing initiative. We can help you to build a landing page for your online campaign, or create blog articles to rank higher in organic search and engage your audience. Contact us today for an assessment and let’s see how we can work best together to support you.


Hands-on practical training for all size of businesses

Our training is designed so that your team gain confidence with their new digital skills and with actionable insights to improve their existing marketing practices.

- SEO & Content Marketing
- Growth Hacking Workshop
- Create an online Dashboard
- and more.


Digital marketing consultancy services

With our deep understanding of purpose-driven brands and nearly 10 years of expertise in digital marketing, we will help your business to refine, revise or reinvent what you are doing online. Our senior digital expert is ready to help you.

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