Two Sides of The Coin: UX and CRO

I believe that CRO and UX are complementary to each other. Both disciples together can give your users the very best online experience possible

Conversion optimization (CRO) is the process of increasing the percentage of website visitors who complete certain actions within your customer journey (e.g – subscribe, download, purchase). Our goal with CRO is to continuously evaluate our entire customer journey and find ways to help visitors reach their goals.

CRO reliant on data to tell you what pages are converting better than other pages, but you lack real/human insights in understanding ‘why’ users prefer “this page” over other pages. This is when UX helps you to understand your user’s deeper motivations and unlock the human insights around what someone wants from a website or app.

Examples of the Influence of UX on CRO

  • ESPN increased revenue by 35% by redesigning its homepage.
  • The browser, Firefox, increased downloads by 15.4% by reducing the load time of a web page to 2.2 seconds.
  • reduced bounce rates of visitors to their site by 15%, by adopting continuous scrolling.
  • Evernote increased user retention by 15% just by adding intuitive and helpful features to its website.


How UX and CRO can support each other?

1.Gain better insights

2. Clear the User Journey

3. Experimentation

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Google evangelizes the need to focus on the user and all else will follow


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